Disbursement status changes based on various scenarios, such as whether the disbursement succeeds or fails. Learn about the different statuses and what to do at each stage of a disbursement's life cycle here.

Pending- A `Disbursement` has been created successfully - We will send instructions to make the fund transfers to the specified destination
Processing- We have sent instructions to make the disbursement, awaiting confirmation that the bank transfers are complete
Failed**Disbursement failure reasons** - Disbursements can fail for various reasons. - Requested fund transfers can sometimes be declined by the payment network, or a congested payment network may not respond successfully - Other reasons could be errors made during the disbursement request. See [Handling Errors](🔗) for a list of possible errors **Handling failed disbursements** - If you did not receive a response, or the request timed-out, you may attempt to safely retry the disbursement with the same `referenceId` - If a disbursement has failed, take note of the error code and message. Try to rectify any issues with the API request and try again with a new `referenceId`
Completed- The disbursement has successfully completed