The Payment Method object represents a way to collect unlimited payments from your customers. These payment methods could be bank accounts, wallets, cards etc. Payment Methods can be used with Payments to collect payments for particular orders on your platform.

Payment Method attributes

idstringUnique identifier for the object.
typeenumThe type of the payment method.
referenceIdstringThe referenceId that was used to request for the Payment Method.
instructionshashInstructions on how to complete the payment. This should be shown to end-customers so that they know what their next steps should be.
bankShortCodeenumThe bank code used for creating the virtual account Payment Method. This should clearly identify a bank in the region. This should be the bank that the end-customer will be making a payment from.
accountNostringThis is the bank account number that the end-customer should make a fund transfer to.

Payment Method object

  "data": {
    "id": "va_6f13f61a9a9e12281054db945d88f430",
    "type": "virtual_bank_account",
    "attributes": {
      "referenceId": "va_reference_id",
      "instructions": {
        "bankShortCode": "CIMB",
        "accountNo": "10000100000010003"