If you're considered to be in a high-risk industry, you'll have to call the Create Customer Profile API first before using the Accept API.

  • Pass the API's response id into the Payment Methods API (for high-risk merchants only).
  • Note: Unique response id is derived from the combination of customerName, registrationType and registrationID.

Including a Customer Profile is necessary only for businesses identified as high-risk, a determination made by our Compliance team. Please reach out to our support team to verify whether the inclusion of a Customer Profile is necessary for your specific case.

Example of Including Customer Profile in the Create a payment API

# POST api/v4/payments/
# FYI, passing in metadata is possible,
# "description": "{\"key\":\"abc\",\"key2\":\"another key\"}"  
Basic Auth
    "data": {
        "relationships": {
            "customerProfile": {
                "data": {
                    "id": "customer_profile_ff9a2945-5f58-4cd3-ac6e-90ee4361bf1e"
        "attributes": {
            "amount": 101.0,
            "referenceId": "ORDER_0002",
            "description": "This is the first order",
            "paymentMethodType": "virtual_bank_account",
            "paymentMethodOptions": {
                "bankShortCode": "fazz"
            "expiredAt": "2023-06-20T17:48:42+07:00"

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