Handling Errors

Fazz uses conventional HTTP response codes to indicate success or failure of an API request.

  • Codes in the 2xx range should indicate success.
  • Codes in the 4xx range should indicate an error that failed given the information provided.
  • Codes in the 5xx range should indicate an error with our servers.

Some 4xx errors that could be handled programmatically (e.g. bank declined payments) will include an error code that briefly explains the error reported.

Generic errors

Here is a list of possible error codes with details on how to resolve them.

Error codeTitleDescription
001Internal server errorThis is rare. Contact us if you see this error in your response.
002Access deniedYou did not authenticate successfully for the API call you were trying to make.

Please check your authentication credentials. See Authentication
003Feature not supportedThe functionality you are trying to use is not supported.

Please check that the functionality is available for the locale or environment you are making the request to.
004Record not foundThe object you were looking for based on your API request parameters was not found.

Please check the id that you've used for the request.
005Invalid parametersYour request parameters are invalid.

Please check the format of your request parameters, or check that the parameters are within limits.
006Unknown errorThis is very rare. Please inform us if you receive such a response.

Transaction errors

Error codeTitleDescription
TXN0001Account has insufficient fundsThe account you are trying to perform a transaction from does not have enough funds.

Make sure that a deposit is made to the account in order to proceed.
TXN0002Invalid transaction amountThe transaction amount requested is either below the minimum, or above the maximum limits.

Please check the limits of the transaction type you are trying to perform before re-trying.
TXN0003Transaction exceeds account transaction limitThe transaction you are trying to perform will cause the account to exceed its transaction limits.

The account will no longer be able to perform transactions until its limits are reset.
TXN0004Transaction exceeds account balance limitThe transaction you are trying to perform will cause the receiving account to go past its account balance limits.

The account will not be able to receive funds unless the amount will not cause it to exceed the account balance limit.
NM-001Payer is not the same verified user.The transaction is sent by a different individual. Hence, it is blocked.

We will reach out to you to receive more documents from user to prove that the verified user is the payer.
FG-001Transaction is under investigation.The transaction is flagged by us internally for investigation.
EL-001Amount exceeds limitations.The transaction amount exceeds limit.
MA-001Bank account is unverified.The bank account used to make the transfer is unverified.