Payment Statuses

Payment status changes based on various scenarios, such as whether the payment succeeds or fails. Learn about the different statuses, and what to do at each stage of a payment's life cycle here.

Pending- A payment has been created successfully and awaiting payment action from end-customer
- Only applicable to payment methods with "delayed success confirmation"
Processing- We have detected incoming payments or have started processing the payment
Cancelled- Cancellation of a payment is only possible if a payment is still in pending status
- Also, payments captured by persistent payment methods cannot be cancelled
- A cancelled status means that a payment has been cancelled, and will no longer be able to capture payments or change to other states
- Any associated payment method will no longer accept incoming payments
Expired- Payment will be made expired if payment not being made after certain period of time
- You may set the expiration time upon creation of Payment object
- Also, persistent payment methods cannot be expired
FailedPayment failure reasons
- Payments can fail for various reasons
- Payments can sometimes be declined by the payment network
- Other reasons could be because of errors made when the end-customer was trying to make a payment. For example, sending of the wrong amount, or to a non-existent account

Error messages
- Failed payments should come with corresponding error messages. See Handling Errors to learn more about handling each error type

Handling failed payments
- You should reach out to your end-customer to prompt them to attempt to make the payment again, or to provide them with an alternative payment method
Paid- The payment is successful. However, the funds are still pending and will not yet be available for withdrawal or transfers
- At this stage, you may inform your end-customer of a successful payment, and you may proceed to fulfil your goods or services
Completed- At this stage, the payment is fully complete and funds have been made available for you to withdraw to your bank account or to transfer for other purposes