Indonesia Payments API

Incorporate automated payments and payouts for your business in Indonesia. If you operate in Singapore, please view our Singapore Payments API (v4-SG) docs instead.


Welcome to the Fazz Payments API!

With our expertise in domestic fund transfers, we provide last-mile financial access to the rising digital economy in the region. Traditional banking and regulatory compliance processing are streamlined within our suite of APIs. We make it easy to accept payments and send payouts online, fulfilling the use cases for various digital platforms such as fintechs and online marketplaces.

Here, you'll learn how to integrate with Fazz to build payments and payouts into your platform. Together, let’s accelerate financial access in Southeast Asia.

Getting Started

You can get started with the Payments API by creating a free Fazz Business account! It takes between 1-2 working days for your account to be ready to go Live.

Accept API

The Accept API enables you to accept payments simply and securely across a range of local payment methods. Choose to receive one-time or unlimited payments across virtual accounts, QRIS, retail outlets and and e-wallets. Payment reconciliation is handled automatically so you can focus your time on your business.

Learn more about Accept API →

Send API

The Send API enables you to easily send payouts to recipients in bulk via bank transfers. Save time from having to process each payout manually with automated disbursements.

Learn more about Send API →


Xfers API is now Fazz Payments API

We recently rebranded our API solution to unify our business offerings under Fazz. However, certain variables, endpoints and responses may still reference Xfers.