Before you begin:

Make sure that you have a Fazz Business account with API keys generated. Go to Getting Started learn how to setup your business account.


The Accept API enables you to receive 2 types of payments:

1. One-Time Payment: Accept a fixed amount for a one-time transaction

Use this method when you have a certain order to fulfil. You will typically already know who the customer is and how much they should pay. The payment is one-off and no further payments are accepted after the customer pays. You can set the amount to be paid by the customer.

Typical use cases are marketplaces, gig platforms and all kinds of e-commerce.

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2. Unlimited Payments: Accept unlimited payments from each customer

Use this method when you require a static payment method that allows for multiple and new payments from the linked customer. Callback notifications will be fired to you when we detect payments made through the payment method. The customer will have the ability to decide the amount to be topped up.

These are typically used as a top-up channel to your platform's e-wallet, or fund-holding account.

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