Payment Link Statuses

Payment link status may change based on various scenarios, such as whether the payment succeeds or fails. Learn about the different statuses and what to do at each stage of a payment link's life cycle here.

Draft- Payment link has not yet been created because you have not filled out all the fields. You can save the payment link as a draft to complete later
- Only available if you create the payment link via Dashboard
Pending- Payment link has been created successfully and is pending payment from your customer until the expiry date
- We will send the payment link to your customer via email
Paid- Payment link has been paid successfully
- We will notify you and your customer about the payment
- At this stage you may proceed to fulfil your goods or services
Completed- At this stage, the payment is fully complete and funds have been made available for you to withdraw to your bank account or to transfer for other purposes
Expired- Payment link has expired after passing its expiration date (set upon creation)
- Any associated payment method will no longer accept payments
FailedFailure reasons
- Payment link creation can fail for various reasons
- Payment link payment may be declined by the payment network or due to high fraud score

Error Messages
- Failed payment links will come with corresponding error messages. See Handling Errors to learn more about handling each error type

Editing or deleting a payment link

  • You may only edit or delete a payment link if it is still in draft status
  • This can only be done from your Fazz Business dashboard

Canceling a payment link

  • You may only cancel a payment link if it is still in pending status
  • You can do this from your Fazz Business dashboard by clicking the "Expire" button
  • A payment link can’t be canceled once your customer has successfully made payment
  • When a payment link is canceled, you can no longer use it to perform additional charges. Any operation that your application attempts to perform on a canceled payment link will fail with an error